Would you like to celebrate Christmas in our establishment?

For your Christmas meal, we propose 4 menus, you can also consult us for different menu ideas!

The prices indicated are the price per person for the menu offered.

Christmas menu proposals in our school in pdf

Here are the caterer proposals for your end-of-year holidays

For your Christmas meal, we offer catered meals made by us. Please note that the deadline for order is the 19/12/2021 12:00

You will be able to come and collect your dishes on 24/12 from 09:00 to 12:00 for Christmas.

The prices quoted are the price per person for the proposed dish.

You can download this menu in pdf format

Our homemade duck foie gras

Plate of homemade foie gras, mango chutney with dried fruits

Plate of home-made marinated salmon with sweet lemon cream

Tasting plate Salt box

Gratin of potatoes with foie gras and sauce with morels

Creamy seafood fish soup with croutons and homemade rust

Salmon lasagna with fresh organic spinach and its coulis

Back of cod roasted in hazelnut butter, creamy celery

Sauerkraut with 3 fish (salmon, pikeperch and smoked haddock)

The risotto with scallops and crunchy vegetables

The baeckaoffa of home-made fish 4 kinds (minimum 4 pers)

Alsatian chicken supreme in a dried fruit crust

Duck breast stuffed with foie gras

Le Chateaubriand de bœuf (matured sirloin)

Veal Coast, forest sauce

Wild boar stir-fry and its fruit compote

The lamb mouse with thyme and forest honey

Veal steak with mushrooms in cream sauce

Fillet of beef rossini (pan-fried foie gras)

Chocolate nougat and pistachio biscuit entremet, cpraline roquant

Spaëtzlés house

Röesties of homemade potatoes

Potato Gratin

Fresh tagliatelle

Creamy celery

Our fittings are included in the price as well as a presentation of vegetables to all the meats
A sheet will be provided with heating and dressing instructions.